Lead Testing

Lead Concerns?

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Lead Facts

  • Lead is a toxic metal that can negatively impact children's health and development.
  • Children are particularly vulnerable to lead exposure because their bodies absorb lead more easily than adults.
  • Lead exposure can occur through various sources such as lead-based paint, contaminated soil, dust, and certain consumer products.
  • Even low levels of lead in children's blood can lead to irreversible cognitive and behavioral problems.
  • Lead poisoning can cause learning difficulties, reduced IQ, attention deficits, impaired growth, and hearing problems in children.
  • The effects of lead exposure are long-lasting and can have lifelong consequences for a child's physical and mental well-being.
  • Preventing lead exposure is crucial, and early detection through lead checks can help identify and address potential risks.

Set up a Lead Check

If you think lead might be a problem for your children, N.E.W. Community Medical Clinics can help if your children are low-income uninsured, underinsured or on Medicaid/BadgerCare.

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